The Department of Human Ecology is home to the University of Alberta Museums' Clothing and Textiles Collection, a world-class resource that aids in the focus on the dynamic relationships people have with their near environments: clothing, family, home, and community. The collection houses more than 23,000 artifacts spanning more than 350 years.



  1. Fashion Culture Network: Next Lecture 11 February 2014

    The next Fashion Culture Network free lecture is entitled “‘An Agreeable Occupation’: Women’s Embroidery in the British Isles Before the 18th Century” and will be given by Ashley Sims, doctoral student in the History & Classics Department.

  2. University Affairs features the UofA's Clothing and Textiles Collection

    The university has the largest collection of clothing and textiles on a Canadian campus.

  3. Up-coming Fashion Culture Network Lecture 29 October 2013 at 7 pm

    The next Fashion Culture Network free lecture is entitled “The Re-Birth of Venus: Fashion & the Venus Kallipygos” and will be given by Sarah Nash, doctoral student in the History & Classics Department, and by Dr. Anne Bissonnette, Curator of the Clothing and Textiles Collection and Assistant Professor in the Human Ecology Department.

  4. Quilt Perfect - Improving Quilt Storage and Display

    Professionals, student employee and volunteers team up to improve the storage and display of the Rosenberg Quilt Collection.

  5. New Interdisciplinary Exhibition in the Human Ecology Gallery

    Students in Human Ecology and History & Classics co-curate an exhibition with their instructor to explore the influence of one specific statue, the Venus Kallipygos, on the fashion.

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